Thursday, July 06, 2006

Asshat Trick

That's what I call losing three in a row to the Dr. Drays. Mighty, mighty DR is right.

You can't spell Jason Johnson without "Oh no! No! Ass." Why are you winding up (and sloooowly) with Carl Crawford on third? Forget Carl Crawford, I could've stolen home last night. From New York.

Tonight, I'm using the classic "I won't watch this time, so maybe they'll win." Actually, I'm not watching because I'm going to see Mates of State down at Castle Clinton tonight. They're the best group in the "Carni-Pop" genre. I totally just made up that term. Carnival, not carnivore.

Great job, Jere. There's four of us that've started a Sox blog and would love to have you check us out and perhaps add us to your blogroll.
I'm adding yours right now.
Keep the faith!
Jere, I haven't watched for a week and it's been sucktastic...good luck with the plan, and oh yeah, are you going to see the Adolescents in NYC? My boys the Street Dogs are opening up...go, and feel young again...

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