Tuesday, March 05, 2013


From March, 1968, courtesy Sarasota Herald-Tribune:
I love the way it looks like those cars are parked in the outfield....

As for this Dick Littleton character, much like Aunt Baby, he'd never make it. Played in the minors from '62-'69, mostly hitting in the mid-.200s. He racked up 82 walks in '66 for a .387 OBP (47 points higher than his slugging pct.) but nobody seemed to care. He was part of one of the most dramatic moments of that spring, though, as he went stumbling into home plate with the winning run against the Twins. In '68 he was cut at the end of the spring despite hitting nearly .300. Sent off to Hawaii. Only played one more season--but in that season he broke up a no-hitter with two outs in the ninth and his team went on to win in extras.

Here he is immortalized with Yaz. And some cars. Littleton is 71 and currently resides in....I don't know.



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