Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Willie Stargell, Bradenton, 1974:
Check out Pops's license plate: WIL 8! (Corbis made a few mistakes, but hey, it's only the player's name (Willy) and the city name (Pittsburg). And a lot of people spell "young" with an "m." Oh well, what an awesome picture.)

Photo by Bob Adelman/Corbis

Bonus: Anyone know who the other Pirate is? There are only a few guys on the '74 team with a number ending in 3, and they're not him. Also, what's on his sleeve? It almost looks like a hole, as if he ripped off a sleeve patch, and they did have one in '73, for Clemente, so maybe he wanted to keep the "21" as a souvenir, knowing they were gonna get new unis for the regular season anyway.



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