Saturday, March 16, 2013

10-Game Plan Tix Here!

"You Smith?" It was the mail man. One I'd never seen before. Definitely not that Yankee hat-wearing girl who kinda looks like a guy. I was rolling out of my driveway on the way to work, and he was nice enough to flag me down. He had a package. From Yawkey Way. Oh yeah, I'm Smith. Those two words mark the, okay, one of the many "official" beginnings to what will be an historic 2013 season. Above, the unseparated tickets peeking out from behind another envelope which contained some discount coupons, as well as a card explaining how to separate your tickets. I can't imagine anyone needing that--especially since there's no longer any perforation lines within the borders of each ticket--but better safe than sorry I guess.

So each season ticket* looks like this:

While non-season tickets look like this:

There were no pocket schedules included, and as I said when I got some other tix, I've only seen a "schedule card" so far this year, so I don't know if this means the death of the pocket sked, but I don't think it is, as those things are prime real estate for ads and offers and stuff.

Anyway, this is the 10th year of the 10-game plan! I'm a charter member--I'll never forget hearing about it in that fateful '03-'04 offseason and thinking it was perfect, a bargain at $180 a year, at that point, per person for ten games in the bleachers. And then calling the ticket office from work, in Danbury at the time, and scoring that sweet spot on the edge of the bleachers. Back then, Pat and I would drive up to games; these days my mom buys half the plan and takes Charlie and/or my nieces/nephews to games, while I go to the others with Pat or Kim or whoever and then go to a bunch of other games too. Some of the original fans near us in our section are still going to games; some we've watched get pregnant and have kids. Okay, enough reminiscing about "the plan"--hopefully its promise of playoff tix actually comes into play this year!

*Variations I got: Victorino, Buchholz, Pedroia, Lester, Ortiz. Let me know if you get anyone else--or if you get any other pics on your non-season tickets, I've only seen the scoreboard one.

What's the price now, per person for ten games? Just curious.
What, you weren't reading on November 5th?? ;) But I'll say it here too: Bleachers are currently $28 each (upper bleacher still retaining that $12 price, I love it), and this year they gave me a discount to the STH price which is $26 each. So, 260 a person for 10 games. Also, the fee they charge I think is only 20 or 25 total for the whole thing which works out to only about a buck per ticket--whereas when I buy ONE 12-dollar ticket online, the total comes to $23.25 with fees.
And here's my mom's comment:

"Mom here:

Naturally, loved the post, though I missed the usual video. I know, I know, you're working 50 hrs a week. But really had to laugh at the directions for separating the tickets because it reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where he's doing an actual comedy act and he riffs on the airline attendant's directions on how to fasten and unfasten your seatbelt. He puts an imaginary seat belt in his mouth and pretends to chew up the seat belt strap to open it.

And you'll love this: standing in line at CVS and the couple in front of me are making fun of some famous now-pregnant star on the cover of a magazine as she's wearing this hideous dress, black in the back and white in the front. And I said to Charlie, "It's a black and white cookie." And the guy turned to me and said, "I haven't vomited since 1982." (I don't think he got the year write but we all laughed like idiots.)"

The date of the vomit was June 29, 1980 --ed.

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