Monday, November 05, 2012

Another Victory For The Little Person

The latest way the Red Sox are trying to make us happy: 10-game plan holders are now paying the discounted season ticket holder price! I got my e-voice today, and my ten $28 tickets cost $260 instead of $280 per seat. I remember we got this the first year the plan existed (2004--when I got the tickets for $18 each instead of $20), but we've had to pay full price ever since. It's only a $40 savings for the two seats, but the point is, the team seems to have made a change to always give us the STH benefits, instead of giving them to us sometimes. (Of course, they could be giving the real season ticket holders all kinds of free buffets and massages at their houses and I wouldn't know, but I'll just be happy with whatever extra stuff they give me.)

Amazing what a 65 win season and a string of fake sell outs will do to the level of customer service, huh? Or am I being too cynical about it?
hey i got the magnet today..........thank you!!! it's on the refrigerator to get us through the long upstate ny winter. looking forward to the next contest-
dewey & co.
Awesome! I hope you liked my patented paper-towel padding.

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