Friday, July 27, 2012


From the folks who gave us "Allision Brown," it's a new Red Sox trivia sweepstakes! (You may have gotten an e-mail about this today.) Take a look and see if you can spot the SEVEN mistakes I found! Answers below....

Let's start with the factual error, then we'll move on to the spelling mistakes, and finally we'll tackle the grammar issues:

1. The Red Sox did not trade Babe Ruth. If you think they did, go ahead and tell me who they received in return for him.

2. Doerr has two Rs.

3. Foxx has two Xs, hence his nickname, "Double X."

4. In question 6, you need an S at the end of "team." Teams play games.

5. You could capitalize "Right Field Foul Pole" if you wanted to. Or you could leave it all lower case. But "Right Field Foul pole" makes no sense.

6. "Home run" is two words. But hey, it's a relatively obscure baseball term....

7. This is the funniest one, because it's in one of the "company trivia" questions. The word "destinations" in question 7 had me so confused. Until I figured out that they meant "destination," I had no idea what they were asking.

7a. "All inclusive" should be hyphenated in that same question.

Who's in charge over there, the NESN broadcast team?

In all proverbial seriousness, a lot of people wouldn't notice the grammar stuff (though it doesn't make it any more excusable, especially when you're a major corporation with endless resources available to you--also, you'd think they'd want to avoid portraying themselves as toothless yahoos), but if you do a Red Sox trivia contest, you better damn well know how to spell the famous players' names, as well as one of the most basic facts in baseball history. And if you don't, FUCKING LOOK IT UP. Or have an intern do it. They're sitting at a computer already and so are you. In fact, why the hell am I acting like this is a serious trivia contest when I know it's nothing more than an advertisement?

If you wanted to get really picky, you could mention that sometimes teams play 163 regular season games. So, the question should have said "usually" somewhere.
True--and sometimes you play fewer than 162 if there's a canceled game that doesn't get made up.
Since we're nitpicking, question 4 is phrased ambiguously as well. The *first* Red Sox game wasn't televised in one of those years. *A* Red Sox game was first televised then.
You're right. The correct answer is "the game, played in 1901, wasn't televised at all."

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