Monday, July 23, 2012

1912 Red Sox Season Update

We left off in early June. Boston was three games out of first. However, between June 5th and July 4th, the team either gained ground or stayed even on all but two days. Pretty much a solid month of moving up in the standings--and all but six of those games were on the road! They went from 3 out to 7 up. At one point they won 9 in a row, all away from Fenway, outscoring Chicago, New York, and Washington by a 71-27 margin. They also played a six-game series at home against the Yanks, winning all but the last game, when the Yanks beat the Red Sox for the first time in 15 tries in 1912, 18 overall. Then between July 5th and 19th, they found themselves exactly 6.5 games ahead in first after every game they played except for two.

100 years ago today, the Sox start the day 7 games ahead of Washington. They'll play the next 3 games at home against Cleveland, before hitting the road again for a 16-game trip. At this point, through July 22nd, 1912, they've scored more and given up fewer runs than any team in the league. Only the Giants have scored more runs--they are running away with the N.L, 11 up on the Cubs. The two teams seem to be on a collision course....



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