Tuesday, June 05, 2012

1912 Update

When we last left off with the 1912 season, Ty Cobb and the Tigers were ready to go on strike. And they did. For one game. The replacement Tigers were slaughtered 24-2 by the A's. (Check out the pitcher's major league stats--24 runs, 26 hits, all in that one game. He would also become the only priest to have ever played major league baseball.) The next game was canceled by the league president, and the Tigers were told they'd be fined $50 for every game missed. So they each paid their $100 and went right back to the diamond.

As for the Red Sox, after May 18th, they would go on to win 9 of their next 11, and go 10-5 overall through June 4th. Highlights included a doubleheader sweep over Washington by scores of 21-8 and 12-11. In another game, Cleveland scored 3 in the 9th to tie it, but the Red Sox won in the 10th when Tris Speaker tried to go to from first to third on a sacrifice bunt--the throw went to third but the bag was uncovered, and he came home to score the winning run. Speaker also hit a 3-run homer in the win.

So Boston still sat 3 games behind the White Sox for first place 100 years ago today, with both teams even at 214 runs scored for the year. Boston will be on the road for almost the entire month of June, while it's the opposite for Chicago. So the Pale Hose have a great chance to distance themselves...will they? (Dude, it's already happened. They won't.)


Wow, Bard sent down to Pawtucket. I guess he'll get at least one start there while Dice-K(?) takes his place Sunday. We have 2 off days coming up so we could go through the other 4 guys twice after that before deciding what goes on with that 5th spot.
McClure: "I might be one of the few that thinks [Bard] can [start]."

That's interesting......
"their" what? And if they love the Yankees, don't talk to them; they might be zombies.
The deleted comment (from some shitty ticket site) that BFfW is referring to was:

"By talking to a lot of fans their I get the feeling that they love the Yankees because they win most of the time."

Such a weird one. Obviously "their" going around and placing this nebulous comment on multiple blogs, as that's still the best these marketing geniuses can do. I honestly don't know if the comment is supposed to be pro- or anti-Yankees. I do know that if these companies are so intent on deceiving the public, well, that's a great indicator of whether or not to deal with them.

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