Saturday, June 23, 2012

Players Listening To My Plea!

In February, I called for players, along with the rest of us, to boycott the media. We all know Papi's anti-assholes, but Youk has taken it to the next level (quotes taken from this post at Joy of Sox):

I just stopped talking [to the media] because enough's enough. You get tired of it. You're just like, This is the same question and I have no answer for you. I'm done. If they're just going to keep asking it over and over again I just have to stop. ...

I tell the guys just don't talk. [If] you don't feel like talking that day [then] just don't talk. There's nothing in your contract that says you have to talk. Guys can use Twitter. They're in the method now where you can voice your [grievances] out to the public. I don't condone it but [it's an option]. ...

The thing that the athletes don't understand is [the media is] not on your side. They're not your friends. ... They're not there to make you look better.

Sox vs. Braves, 7:10. (This is one of those games where not just Fairfield County but much* of Connecticut will get screwed, forced to see the Yanks-Mets game on both the NY and CT Fox station. Imagine living in Hartford, CT in 2012 and having literally no way to see a Boston Red Sox game.... Great job as usual, MLB.)

*I'm still not sure if some eastern CT areas pick up the Boston Fox station, but the point is, basically anybody in the country outside of the Boston TV market is stuck seeing a different game with NO option to see the Red Sox game. Same with fans of all the other teams. When Fox puts a whole bunch of games on at once, all out-of market fans can't watch their own team, not even on But with Connecticut, Red Sox fans get extra-screwed.


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