Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's ALL Boycott The Media

Players, too! Boston Red Sox: Just stop answering their questions! Walk right by! In the meantime the rest of us won't read or watch anything they throw out there, and we can stop the insanity together.

I hope the next time a media member asks a baseball player for an apology, they tell 'em to shut the fuck up and mind their own business.

I'm really serious about bringing anti-media signs to Fenway this year. I hope others will join me. Just stuff like "Boston Sports Media: SHUT UP" or whatever. These guys need to know they are shit and not the center of attention.

They are loving this crap. They can invent anything they want, brainwash the entire casual fan base who doesn't have a clue, causing them to revolt, causing the media to then say "see, team, how much they hate you? Whatcha gonna do now?" causing the players to say "who the fuck are you?" causing the media to say to the fans "look at that! They don't care about you since they won't apologize to you for doing the stuff we made up in the first place! You gonna take that?" causing the PR department to have the players try to "say the right things" to avoid more shit--which wouldn't happen if NONE OF US PAID ATTENTION TO THE ASSHOLE MEDIA so let's do that, okay? How many times to they have to admit flat out that they do what they do to get attention and ratings before we stop taking them seriously and just completely ignore them?

(And before you tell me about great media members who only write awesome things--I'm not talking about an actual journalist writing a story about a player or something, I'm talking about shitty talk show hosts and gossip columnists, which are the ones who basically control the way an entire region thinks. And yes I still believe most people who are actual fans and not just water cooler assholes know what's up, but the ones who just pay attention to any given day's buzz word fuck it up for all of us by repeating what the media tells them. Hey--technically the Red Sox are not currently winning the first game of the season, as it's still essentially 0-0. And our winning percentage is .000 as we speak. You know what that means. Tell your friends: Panic! Put it on the front page!)

Did you know that in the last ten years, teams that started the season 0-0 only won the World Series 3.3% of the time. The Sox have already started too slowly. It's over.

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