Sunday, June 10, 2012

At Least Some People Are Winners Today

Congratulations to Bosox Fan from Wichita and Ryan, winners in the Oil Can Boyd book giveaway contest. In the runs department, it was a close race with BFfW nailing the total of 23 over the last 6 games and beating out Section 36 by a run. (BFfW was the first one to enter the contest, so in retrospect nobody else had a chance in the runs contest.) On the hits side, Ryan had it pretty much locked, needing anywhere between 4 and 12 hits today, and the Sox got 8 for a total of 48. Ryan's 50 was an easy winner.

Section 36 had the right idea overall--he predicted the lowest run total and the lowest hit total. And the second-lowest guess came through in each category! But he was unfortunately shut out.

Bosox Fan from Wichita, e-mail me your mailing address and I'll send out your copy. In a weird twist o' fate I'll be seeing Ryan in person tomorrow anyway so I'll be hand-delivering his copy.

As for today's Red Sox game: _____________________________________.

I'd rather had more Sox wins, but I'm happy to win a book. Thanks Jere. I'll e-mail you my address.
Thanks for the comp,and well done to the winners.

Mark UK
BFfW, I will correct the "in/from" error in this post, and will send your book right out.

Mark, thanks for playing!
Actually, I see you USED to be "in Wichita" and now you're "from Wichita." Will refer to you the "from" way from now on.
I don't know how or when the "in/from" changed, I just click on a pop-up. I guess I'm both. I wasn't born here and I've lived elsewhere, but this is where I grew up and now live. I suppose I'm only from Wichita when I'm somewhere else.
Thanks for a great contest. I'm sad that my low guesses ended up being so close.

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