Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WIN Oil Can's Book

Contest time! The publisher of the new book by Oil Can Boyd (They Call Me Oil Can: Baseball, Drugs, and Life on the Edge) has hooked me up with a couple of copies to give away to YOU the readers. So here's what we're gonna do. On the Red Sox' next homestand (the O's and Nats series, June 5-10, 2012), tell me how many runs you think the Red Sox will score, and the number of hits you think they will get. The total number of each, over those 6 games. The closest person in each category will win a copy of the book. Put your two guesses in comments. Your entry should look something like this:

Runs: 1,342,987
Hits: 0

Except the numbers should be much more reasonable. Oh, and check the existing comments and do not repeat anyone else's guesses. If you do, I will treat your repeated guess as if it didn't exist, though I will try to contact you to let you know you need to re-enter. One entry per creature. Humans only.

I will post my review of the book very soon. But I'll tell you right now it's effin' good so get in this contest. You have one week. Good luck/skill.

Fine print: No "Price is Right" rules--closest to the total wins, whether the guess is higher or lower. The only games that will count are the ones played on the dates between June 5 and June 10, 2012. If there's a rain-out or something and any of the games are re-scheduled for later dates, they are thrown out of our contest. The contest ends when the June 11th game begins. That way we give the official scorer time to change a hit/error decision after that last game.

Pictured: Danzig curling up with a good book.

Running Update: Here's what we've got so far:


22: Section 36
23: Bosox Fan in Wichita
26: Rich G
28: (Ryan)
29: Kathryn
30: Kara
32: RedSoxDiehard
34: Mark UK
36: Mom
40: El Cerdo Ignatius
42: Charlie
43: Liam, Summa Contra

36: Section 36
50: (Ryan)
56: Kathryn
57: RedSoxDiehard
68: Mark UK
69: Bosox Fan in Wichita
71: El Cerdo Ignatius
75: Mom
79: Rich G
81: Liam, Summa Contra
90: Kara
127: Charlie

Actual Runs/Hits:

June 5: 6 runs, 11 hits
June 6: 1 run, 7 hits
June 7: 7 runs, 9 hits
June 8: 4 runs, 8 hits
June 9: 2 runs, 5 hits
June 10: 3 runs, 8 hits

Final Total: 23 runs, 48 hits

Winners: Bosox Fan in Wichita (23 runs), (Ryan) (50 hits)

Runs: 23
Hits: 69
Mom here.
Runs: 36
Hits: 75

Runs: 22
Hits 36
Runs: 40
Hits: 71
Runs 43
Hits 81

Liam, Summa Contra
Runs: 30
Hits: 90
Runs: 26
Hits: 79
Runs 28
Hits 50
Runs: 32
Hits: 57
Woohoo, lots o' entries! I'll put up a review of the book before this contest actually starts....
Runs 34
Hits 68

Mark UK
Runs: 28
Hits: 56
Okay, I goofed and repeated somebody else's entry.
Runs: 29
Hits: 56

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