Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Royals Improve To 3-100 At Home

We led by one going bottom 8, but couldn't hold on in KC.

Bard was staked to a 2-0 lead but had a shitty 2nd inning: He balked twice and threw a wild pitch, leading to a 3-run inning. Besides that mess, he had a great start. We got the lead back at 4-3, but he walked two to start the 8th, and Albers came in and gave up a 3-run dong to William Assler.

Middlebrooks got another double in his first at bat, but the hamstring tightened up and he left. If he gets an extra-base hit in his next game, he'll be the only guy in history to have one in his first 6 games.

And incredibly, NESN still has not learned how to spell Vicente Padilla's name. I showed you how they messed this up in April, and as you can tell by the current stats, they've done it again tonight.

Tough loss. Felt bad for Bard with the balks. Hope Will can recover quickly!! That is crazy stupid that NESN spells Vicente's name wrong. Get with the program!
Agreed, agreed, and agreed.

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