Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Down, Etc.

Sox go up 4-0 as Ross hits a 3-run dong to his favorite parking garage. Rays tie it up against Doubront after he'd gotten off to a good start. But a Papi RBI double in the 6th and an Aviles dong in the 7th give Boston a 6-4 win. That's three in a row over Tampa with one more tomorrow morning. Great job by the pen giving up 0 runs in the last 4 innings. Aceves gets his first home save. Padilla got the win, but NESN still couldn't figure out how to spell his name:

That should read "Vicente." But this is a network that has been known to misspell "shortstop." Still, you'd think, of all things, they'd know the correct spelling of the name of every player on the team.

So Papi is hitting .444 to start the year. By the media's "two bad weeks = career over" logic, they should be talking about his "chase for .400" in a few days...

Today was the first time I ever thought to look at a team's roster on Jackie Robinson Day. Check it out:

So now we've got the O's and Jays at 5-4, us and the Rays at 4-5, and the Yanks at 4-4 and playing tonight.

Oh, and a funny moment from pre-game: They were showing Repko and Spears taking balls off the Monster. One of 'em saw the ball hit, and started running toward the Wall. I yelled at the screen: "It's gonna bounce right over your head!" Sure enough, ball bounces off Wall, hits ground, and bounces right up and over the guy's head. I've been playing that Wall a lot longer than you, son! (Kim witnessed.)

Along the same lines as misspelling Vicente (Remy and TC have both been mispronouncing it since spring training too), they also printed a tweet during the game that said the Red Sox were going for the sweep.... except it's the third game of a 4-game series. And nobody caught that?

And I was thinking that if Repko never plays another game for them this year, I'd have to put him under #42 in my uniform number list. Instead I'll have to wait for him to appear in another game and then update the list with that number, which if he keeps what he had in Spring Training will be 16.
I saw that Spears had 71 on his pre-game jersey. I don't remember if Repko had 16.
So, are the Tampa papers all worried now that the "best pitching staff in baseball" has crumbled to dust in three straight games?
I was thinking--does Tampa even have a media, and if so, are they talking about how all the Tampa fans are panicking at failing this early season test against a division rival?
Now that it's after midnight, all the numbers are back...except Spears and Repko are still listed as 42!

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