Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coming Up This Fiscal Week

In the next 7 days, subscribers (meaning all humans) will get:

1. My review of Oil Can Boy's new, tell-all book. (Which you can WIN a copy of through my latest contest--click here to enter.)

2. A photo gallery from the Fenway Open House. I forgot there's a huge section of the ballpark I got to go to which is off-limits to most people. Well, I didn't forget that, I just forgot to post pics here since I'm doing it in multiple parts. You get the idea.

3. A photo gallery from an upcoming Red Sox game.

4. A thing where I ask you about a thing and you give me feedback. Maybe.

5. Other stuff.

6. And more!

7. Maybe.

8. (technical) Oh and for those of you who use Blogger: I noticed over the last few days that when I click on pictures I've posted, they show up at the same thumbnail-y size as the version inside the post. I looked into this, and Blogger says it's a known issue, but that it only happens when you post in HTML mode (which I always do). So upload your pics through "compose" mode and they'll show up at the correct size when clicked. I went back and fixed the ones that showed up small on my blog. The only thing before last night that you'd need to click again if you absolutely need to see it full-size is that shot of Danzig with the Oil Can book.


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