Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sox "Back Home" Tonight

Didn't I just write something about the person sending the e-mails from the Red Sox being out of touch with the rest of the team? Yesterday they sent me an e-mail (above) telling me to buy tickets for this week's series against the Rangers, with the subject line "See the Sox when they come home." Problem is, they'd been home since last Wednesday night and had played the last three days at Fenway by the time this mail was sent out.

I can think of a few reasons why this mistake might have happened...but none of them really make any sense. Unless the team took a pre-planned overnight trip to a woodsy Maine retreat last night or something and are "coming home" to Fenway today....

Anyway, Texas @ Sox, 7:10

Know you're a big Green Monster SRO fan, so thought I'd let you know that the automated line has them available for Friday's 100th anniversary game. 888-REDSOX6

Keep up the good work with the site.

Andrew--you are freakin' awesome! We had those $12 ones but a third person wanted to go and we were about to spring for a shitty $100 ticket just to get them in! Now we're on the Monster!!!! I hope this guy who randomly emailed me a while back got my email--he's DYING to get on the Monster for that game........
Okay, the guy got his too. Thanks again, Andrew!

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