Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Heads Up...About Something Everyone Already Knows

Red Sox Insider aka "Voice of the Nation" went and did a post/e-mail saying he/she is giving us a heads-up about something "before everyone else," noting that they're not sure they should say anything yet. Turns out they were talking about the April 19th open house that was ANNOUNCED ON DECEMBER 8TH. What is this, the NYPD and FDNY pre-9/11? You gotta communicate with each other, people! How is it that there's anyone inside the front office--the "insider," no less--who doesn't know about major things being released to the public? They made a whole web site about the Fenway 100th thing and that open house has been on the schedule all along. I've had it marked on my calendar for four months. (Though I'm still waiting for more info on the supposed two other throwback days besides April 20th and May 2nd. That's what I was hoping they were gonna tell me here, instead I get something they've already told everybody. Oy.)

I heard a rumor that the first game of the season is tomorrow. Maybe the INSIDER will confirm that in mid-May.
So, a couple of months ago a fellow Sox fan that I work with told me that Youk's younger cousin was doing a rotation through our business as part of our company's management training program. I nodded and basically forgot all about it. Then a couple of weeks ago I decided on a whim to go for a walk on the floor below my office. While walking past a block of cubicles, noticed a nameplate that said "Jordan Youkilis"....whoa, double-take time! I walked past, made like I was using a printer, and then slowly walked past again to get a good look while trying to make it look casual and not stalker-like. Basically, he looks like a skinnier version of the younger, beard, prominent jaw (but not quite as prominent), and more hair.

Also, Bobby V's joint upping the Sox-factor:
From the article: "A wooden menu holder has been freshly painted with the Red Sox logo."

There was no question in my mind that if it was Circle Sox, it would be wrong. And they show a picture. And it is wrong. But hey, why would the bar of the Red Sox' MANAGER know what the team's logo is?

Say hi to Jordan Youk for me....
Yeah, that menu holder is not "freshly painted"; I remember it being there before Bobby got the Sox job. That's the 2007 World Series logo on the front of the box; my guess is that the whole thing dates from back then.

My co-worker who bartends for Bobby on the weekends hasn't taken me up yet on my offer to loan him one of my old Sox tees to wear on the job....he's a Yankee fan.
I hope it is from '07. I don't remember seeing any Sox stuff at all at that place from this March or last, except the new jersey and the Bobby Fenway collage.
Was Jordan dripping sweat? If not, I suspect a hoax.

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