Friday, March 16, 2012

The 2012 Team Site Slogan Post

Okay, we're gonna start fresh and get 'em all on one up-to-date list. For last year's list, which will lead you to the year before's, and on and on, click here. But don't click there, because I'm putting them all right here. (Also, some teams don't put their slogan in their website banner or side nether regions. I'm gonna stick to listing only the ones that are in those areas. Except for the "we made it to X in last year's playoffs" ones. And the stadium anniversary ones that just give the stadium name and amount of years.)

Orioles: Top: "This is Birdland." Side: "The Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball."
Red Sox: none
Yankees: none
Rays: none
Blue Jays: none

White Sox: Top: "appreciate the game." Side: "Passion. Pride. Tradition."
Indians: none
Tigers: "Who's Your Tiger?"
Royals: "Our Time"
Twins: "This is Twins Territory"

Angels: "Angels Baseball"
A's: "Green Collar Baseball"
Mariners: none
Rangers: none

Braves: none
Marlins: none
Mets: none
Phillies: none
Nationals: none

Cubs: "It's a Way of Life"
Reds: "This is Reds Country"
Astros: "We are your Astros"
Brewers: none
Pirates: "Pride. Passion. Pittsburgh Pirates."
Cardinals: "11-Time World Series Champions"

Diamondbacks: none
Rockies: "Year of the Fan"
Dodgers: "An LA Tradition"
Giants: "Together We're Giant"

So let's talk about the ones that are new for 2012. The O's have a slogan for their ballpark now, as the Red Sox do with "America's Most Beloved Ballpark." Like the Sox, they're making a claim that couldn't possibly be verified.

White Sox are going lowercase, I see. Most slogans are in ALL CAPS, but theirs in in all l.c. Telling fans to appreciate the game is nice, but I can't see it exciting the masses in the Chicagoland area. I have to give them credit for coming up with a new one every year (while keeping a different steady one on the side).

Apparently, it's the Royals' time. Well, it's been everybody's else's time for a good while now so let's hope so for their sake. The Royals are married to the sea...but they've been out to sea for a long time.

The Cards bring up their 11 titles--what's the minimum before you can say this? Do you ever hear the Marlins calling themselves "twice world champions"?

The Rockies have their slogan sideways. And the "of the" is sideways within the logo, making it appear upside down. So my eye kind of misses that and sees something like YERFAN. It's a chore just to figure out what the hell they're saying. Also, as a fan, I appreciate the sentiment, but would prefer it being the year of the team.

The Dodgers have been going wild with slogans lately. An LA tradition? I guess that's true. Never really been there. Except once. My band got to the door of the show we were supposed to play only to see a sign saying the show was canceled. Since that's happened to me every time I've been there, I guess that's my LA tradition.

I see NatsTown is done for. And after years of being the most creative, the Mariners have been awfully quiet/bland lately. I don't even think I can say they're my favorite sloganeer anymore. It was a good run, though....

Will add to this as any new slogans appear.

I like the A's slogan.

It was never Tribe Time, so maybe it's now Royals Time. Could be...

The Cardinals' 11 titles are the most in nearly 140 years of National League play - and 2nd all-time - so I think it's allowed.
Yeah, A's I've been a fan of for a couple years, glad they've stuck with it.

Cards--right, growing up the Yanks led them 22-9 and I've been rooting for them to catch up ever since as they were the closest. I'm just wondering who's in the club of teams that can brag about # of titles and where the cutoff is.
Royals: It's their time.

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