Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 Slogan Season Underway!

Some new team slogans have started seeping in. I will keep updating them in this post. Any slogan that appears on last year's list will not be listed here--this will be for new 2011 slogans.

Dodgers (added 3/4/11): "It's time for Dodger Baseball."
White Sox: "All In" (Old slogan remains on right side background.) -- Way to cash in on that poker craze of several years ago!
Royals: "Major League Moments" -- Pretty generic as usual from KC.
Marlins: "Catch Our Moves!" --Interesting use of "catch" since they're fish, but what are these moves?
Astros: "We Are Your Astros" (not up on site but has been announced) [Update 4/5: It's up.] -- If you say so.
Jays: Nothing in top banner, but "Hustle + Heart 2.0" on right side background. -- Was there a 1.0? And isn't the world sick of the second version of things being called "2.0" yet? "Version 2? A new thing, ho hum... Version 2 point oh? FacebookTwitter! Here's my money!" [Update 3/4/11: Hustle + Heart 2.0 moved from side to top.]
Giants (added 4/5/11): "Together We're Giant" -- Interesting, I guess.
Rangers: (added 4/5/11) "My Texas. My Rangers."
Red Sox: (added 4/17/11 but it's been up for a while) "We Won't Rest." (sentence completed in various ways, including, "until order is restored," "until you run out of K cards.")
Cardinals: (added 4/23/11) "We are Cardinal Nation"

The Mariners have a clean slate all ready for the new slogan--I always look forward to what their marketing machine comes up with every year. (Not sarcastic.)


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