Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Essentially That Time Of Year Again

MLB slogans time! There are hardly any new slogans as of today. I will update this list as teams add or change slogans. The ones with the asterisks are the new ones. Every year I look forward to the Mariners' slogan, but they've lost a little off their heater with "Believe Big." The Marlins are leading so far in 2010, creativity-wise. For last year's slogans, click here.

Angels: Tradition Since 1961 (and All-Star Game 2010 logo) 8/3: changed to "Angels Baseball"
Astros: no slogan (but 45th anniversary logo)
Athletics: no slogan 3/12: "Green Collar Baseball"
Blue Jays: no slogan
Braves: The Excitement of Turner Field 4/24: Slogan removed.
Brewers: no slogan (but 40th anniversary logo)
Cardinals: no slogan
Cubs: no slogan 4/24: "It's a way of life." The W is that WIN flag.
D'backs: no slogan
Dodgers: This is My Town
Giants: It's Magic Inside*
Indians: Are You in the Tribe?
Mariners: Believe Big*
Marlins: Serious fun. Get in on it!*
Mets: no slogan 3/12: they do have a changing banner, though, go to their site and refresh a couple times to see what I mean (presented by Verizon)
Nationals: Get Your Red On 4/10: Now back to just "NatsTown"
Orioles: This is Birdland
Padres: no slogan
Phillies: no slogan
Pirates: Pride. Passion. Pittsburgh Pirates.
Rangers: no slogan 4/10: "It's Time"
Rays: no slogan (presented by St. Petersburg Times)
Red Sox: no slogan 8/3: "The Home of Red Sox Nation"
Reds: no slogan
Rockies: no slogan (presented by Toyota)
Royals: It All Happens Here*
Tigers: Always a Tiger
Twins: no slogan (but inaugural season logo) 4/26: "This is Twins Territory" is back!
White Sox: There are Traditions. And There are White Sox Traditions. Update, 3/19: It's Black & White. Passion. Pride. Tradition.
Yankees: no slogan (presented by AT&T)

I left out the postseason notations--every 2009 playoff team has one except the Red Sox and Angels.

It All Happens Here = mishaps, gaffs, shenanigans, goof-ups, poor decision-making, bloopers, losses and good pitching 5 games a month.
Pirates: Pride. Passion. Pittsburgh Pirates.

Ripped off from the MFY; and the unnecessarily city name clunks the whole thing up.

Get Your Red On

What decade is this? Jeez.
Yes those are quite bad--both are from last year, so maybe they will change for 2010. I really went off on the Nats for that one last year...

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