Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Three Things And A Bonus Thing At The End

1. Today those "digital tickets" go on sale. Go to for details. So...the handling/processing/order/made-up fees will be much, much lower, right? Right? We'll see. Maybe there'll be a $10 "digital fee" tacked on to every invisible ticket....

2. My Super Bowl contest is on. Go and enter! You can win stuff.

3. Check this out:
Sticker of my old band, The Pac-Men. I was in Baltimore the other night, on my way back from Florida, and I timed it so I could see my friend Brian's new band, Wargames. (Brian was the singer of The Pac-Men, I was the bass player.) And right there on a soda machine in the venue, one of our old band's 10+ year-old stickers. I don't know what's more amazing: That any of these stickers are still around, that one would be found so far from our home base of Danbury, Connecticut (we did play at least one show in the Baltimore area and exchanged shows with a band from down there called Charm City Suicides, but it's not like we were well-known in the mid-Atlantic region, or anywhere else outside Newtown Teen Center and Tom Perkins' bedroom, really.), or that nobody stickered over it in the last decade! This machine was almost like a punk rock art installation. It's as if people only had the goal to cover the whole machine with one sticker layer, then leave it be till the end of time, as opposed to just having a spot to plaster with sticker over sticker over sticker. And then that machine, since 2001, has been salvaged from each DIY club as it closes, moving on to the next one, showing a new crowd ten years worth of stickers. The only uncovered part of the machine was the soda buttons. Brian suggested we make Coke and Dr. Pepper stickers in a punk style and put them on the buttons. I suggested 7Up be done in the 7SECONDS logo. But the point is, I was very proud to see our sticker there. Thanks to every kid in Baltimore over the last ten years who had the chance to cover that thing but decided not to.

4. There wasn't gonna be a 4, but while writing this, I had that Bryant Gumbel show on, and holy crap, there's this high school football coach who never punts. And goes for the onside kick after every time he scores. Genius--never, ever give the ball to the other team (without first giving yourself a chance to keep it). Guy wins, too. I can't wait till this practice reaches the NFL. Or at least college.

Photo by Brian.
There's a really good book, 'Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won' by Moskowitz/Wertheim that features a chapter on that coach. Awesome stuff. It reminds me a bit of 'Freakonomics,' but I had the same reaction to that chapter. Especially when it comes to college football.

Liam, Summa Contra

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