Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Contest! Win A Red Sox Ticket! New Krazee Rules!

Super Bowl FunSquares! But this year there's a twist: It ain't random! It's first-come, first-fun. You choose your numbers.

Here's how it works: At the end of each quarter (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Final Score (if game goes to overtime, the score at the end of the 4th becomes meaningless)) you look at the last digit of each team's score. Let's say it's Pats 14, Giants 7 at the end of 1. The person with "Pats 4, Giants 7" wins that quarter. The hierarchy goes: Final, Halftime, 3rd, 1st, in terms of prizes.

So go ahead and enter in the comments section. Make sure you look at all the other comments before you post--don't repeat someone else's numbers. (Obviously you can repeat ONE of someone else's numbers, just not both.) (Also check after your comment went through in case someone beat you to the same numbers. In that case just change yours and enter again. But then someone could have beaten you to those numbers, and you may end up in an endless loop, like Super Mario World 8-4. Hopefully this doesn't happen to you.)

To clarify, your comment should look something like this:

Pats [single digit number], Giants [single digit number].

Remember, this has nothing to do with who's winning the game, only the last digit of each score matters. (Another clarification: You just pick the one set of numbers, not four sets. Your one set is what you root for in every quarter and you can win multiple quarters.)

The fact that you get to choose makes it interesting. 0, 3, and 7 are the best numbers, with 4 and 6 next, then maybe 1 and 9, by my football math. But you never know what'll happen. And besides, the final score is the big prize, and the hardest to predict (since the first quarter is way more likely to end with the better numbers than the fourth, since they're starting the game at 0-0). So we'll see if the earlier people to enter actually win more quarters than the late-comers.

One thing I did do randomly is select the time of day to put up this post. I'm writing this on Sunday, but I have set it to post automatically at 5:04 a.m. on Monday, as per a random time generator. Proof here. Of course, I could have just kept trying it until I got a time I wanted, but come on, 5:04? Why would I purposely give the advantage to early birds? I'm a card-carrying member of NightOwlsAnon. Also, I have been using Twitter strictly to let people know when I do a post, and I've decided to not put this one on there until later in the week--that way a bunch of random people who don't even read my blog won't beat the real readers to the punch. (If you want to be updated when I do a new post (if I think of it!), you can follow me on there @rsfpt. And I might not even keep that up because it's just not something I'm that excited about. But I'm trying it for now.)

Let's talk prizes. I bought an extra upper bleacher seat to the Sunday, May 13th Sox-Cleveland game at Fenway by accident. (Don't worry, you don't have to sit next to me, it's in a separate location from my seats.) So that's the top prize.

The other prizes are two wax packs of 1989 Fleer baseball cards (a chance at the B. Ripken Fuck Face card!) and a wax pack of 1984 Topps baseball cards.

Final Score Winner chooses one of the four prizes. Halftime Winner chooses from the remaining three, 3rd Quarter Winner chooses from the remaining two, 1st Quarter Winner gets the prize that's left.

There's room for a hundred entries. So tell your friends. If any blank squares win, there'll just be that many fewer prizes given out. Maybe. Price to enter is zero dollars. Good luck!

Patriots 4, Giants 1 - Jon W @workmanboys
Patriots 3, Giants 3
Pats 7, Stinky Giants 3
Patriots 0, Giants 7
Patriots 3, Giants 7
Giants - 0
Pats - 4
Pats 1 Giants 4
I am so not good at football.
Pats 3, Giants 6
Pats 7, Giants 0.
And the entries keep trickling in.... thanks everybody. Hopefully we get a bunch more people.
Pats 7 Giants 4
Pats 7 Giants 4
Just left a URL this time
Wow, one minute later, another entry!
Pats 8, Manning Touchers 1
On behalf of some unable-to-comment for-whatever-reason-ers:

MOM: Pats 7, Giants 1

CHARLIE: Pats 4, Giants 7

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