Wednesday, December 07, 2011

This Is Not A Repeat Post

Remember when the Red Sox auctioned off those retro jerseys after the Cubs series in June? Yeah, when they forgot how to spell their own players' names. I posted about it at the time.

Well now they've got a new auction. And Error Mania continues! See the picture at left and follow along:

They've figured out "Gonzalez" and "Buchholz," but they're still going with "MacDonald" instead of "McDonald." And "Doubront"? They say "Dubrount." (And just like in June, when you click each name, it takes you to a page where the name is also spelled the wrong way.) So they score a 22 out of 24 this time, not bad!

Bonus errors! They forgot to change "retro jersey" to "Jackie Robinson jersey" right above the player names. Way to use the old copy and change the relevant info, only to accidentally leave some old info in. Classic mistake. And "a MLB"? I'd go with "an MLB" there, but I suppose you could argue the reader will read it as "a Major League Baseball," or, less likely, "a muhlb."

Note to people who don't care: I obviously do care, so we're just gonna have to live with each other's quirks. You're welcome to point out my mistakes just to spite me.


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