Thursday, June 02, 2011

Good Thing Yaz Didn't Play That Day

I clicked on the link at for the 1918-style jersey auction. The first thing I saw was a list of players/coaches. Then I noticed the first name on the list, Adrian Gonzalez, was spelled with an S at the end instead of a Z. I knew at that moment they had no chance at Buchholz, and sure enough, Clay--the very next name on the list--had his name spelled with a double C instead of a double H. Surprisingly, they nailed Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Aside from putting a "Mac" in Darnell McDonald, it appears they got all the other ones right. (They go with the lower case M in DeMarlo but I've seen that one spelled both ways. Though I'd say capital M is correct.)

When you click on each name, you see that guy's auction, and the names are also wrong there. So I'd guess whoever was in charge of making that list just copied and pasted the names from the individual pages. Which means that more than one person should be fired.

Is it too much to ask that the people who run the official site of the Boston Red Sox know how to spell the names of their superstar players?

Unrelated: I didn't think to put on the NBA Finals game until it was almost over. And what I saw was an amazing choke job by Yankee LeBron and friends. Awesome.


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