Monday, December 26, 2011

The Forgotten Man Plan

Finally got my snail mail 10th Man Plan renewal form on Saturday. It came with a letter from Ben saying a bunch of stuff about how we season ticket holders are so important and how they're all ready for a new start over there at Fenway and all that stuff. The importance of the contents of this envelope is that it's where we can see the details of our plan, most importantly, the ten games they're giving us according to our version of this plan (each one has games on specific days of the week). Neither the games nor any mention of this severely wait-listed plan appear anywhere on It does have an area where we can renew our plan online, but this area has yet to list the actual games for 2012.

So I was happy to get my official envelope....

Until I discovered that it didn't contain the list of games, either!

What's going on here? I feel like we, the supposed 10th man, have been forgotten. As I write this, there's a stocking hanging 15 feet to my right. It's a Red Sox 2004 World Champions one. 10th Man Plan holders got this as a gift seven years ago. It was actually given to us because the DVD they had planned on sending us was delayed (probably due to us winning it all, causing the season's highlight reel to be altered dramatically). So back then we'd get a gift, and if the gift was late, we'd get another gift to tide us over! We also paid the season ticket (discounted) price for our seats. And the plans were listed right there on the web site. These traditions quickly stopped.

And now, they give us two options for paying for our plans, yet there's this major oversight of not telling us which games we're buying! My girlfriend joked that once I renew, they'll send me my tickets with the seat location and price on them, but with no date or opponent listed. I guess we'll just have to show up every day and hope for the best....

I'm not one of these people who constantly criticizes the ownership and claims they only care about money. I stand behind those guys because they've done everything I could have asked for and more. And I am grateful for the perks I do get as season ticket holder. But when crappy stuff happens, I have to mention it. I would rather know the dates and opponents than get a form letter thanking me. If this is an issue of "they just haven't finalized the plans yet," well, they should have let us know that, and definitely shouldn't have sent out the renewal forms yet. I think it's just a (terrible) mistake, which hopefully gets fixed on Monday once they get flooded with phone calls. (They should also extend the deadline so people have more time to decide before they have to pay.) And I hope you don't think I'm nitpicking--it's kind of an important detail they're leaving out here. Would you drop hundreds of dollars on a box you didn't know the contents of?

For those who don't care about season ticket stuff--dick jokes are on the way!

any update on the schedule? i have the tues-fri plan am afraid they are going to give us even less friday games this year...

Dear beer,

The update is here.

E-mail the team and you'll be in the clear.
tickets are in
indeed, we win

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