Monday, December 26, 2011


Update to previous post: I sent an e-mail to the ticket office, and within twenty minutes they sent me the list of my games. So great job by them there--though as far as I can tell, as of now, anyone who doesn't contact them won't know what their games are.

So if you are a 10-game plan holder, write them at

As for the games, it worked out pretty good. Thanks to this year's slightly weird schedule, I end up with 2 April, 2 May, 2 June, 1 July, 1 August, and 2 September, instead of 3 April and 3 September and 1 of each of the others. Also, since my plan is one weekend day and two weekdays, you always hope for it to be 4-3-3 in favor of the weekend day, and it is. The usual 2 Yanks games and 1 Interleague game are there, so except for the gaffe of leaving us to gather this info on our own, everything's the same or better than usual.

[Insert some cheesy line about being excited for baseball, e.g. "see you at the ballpark!"]

Thanks - I sent in my email tonight.

I also renewed my plan tonight sight unseen - I don't see giving it up and I trust that the dates will be similar to last season, so no need to delay things.
Cool. So I guess this is year 2 for you. I had totally forgotten you finally reached the front of the line....TJ by me.
Yay!! I hope you get to see all losses. Happy New Year!!

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