Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Xmas (Updated)

Got the Xmas @ Fenway e-mail, and yes, it will be done by random online drawing again. Press release with all the Sox Pax and everything not out yet, but I'm sure it will be this afternoon. But the e-mail does say the Yard Sale will be happening again. I just hope they handle it much, much better this time. Remember that fiasco??

[1:34 Update: Press release is here. It claims the list of Sox Pax is "attached," but I see no link for it. That probably means the "real media" got this in their inbox with an attachment, so once again the a-holes will get to take the credit for telling you about something that's right on, only this time they'll be the only ones to tell you since they forgot to add the attachment to the online version!]

[1:40 Update: Found the Sox Pax link on my own. This year again they have the OD, the Pats Day, and the Fri, Sat, and Sun, but then they have 2 Marlins ones (my prediction was correct in that case), and FIVE Yankee ones instead of throwing in a second NL team. I actually was wondering if they might keep the APril 20th Yanks game off the board, since it's the 100th anniversary of Fenway, and they did. That's definitely one I don't want to miss. Will have to get it in the Yanks lottery. Ooh, I see they went with "Miami Nice Pack" for one of the Marlins ones. Get it? Miami Vice? That's about as creative as they got this year.... Oh and I nailed the Fri, Sat, and Sun Packs! Exact 4 games, all three Packs.]

I think we just plan for them to screw it up the same way as last time and maybe prepare to be let in that day.
Yeah--I WILL be at Fenway that day regardless of whether I win the Xmas lottery (which I've never won, by the way).

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