Monday, November 28, 2011

Sox Pax Predictions

My guesses based on how they usually do it:

1. Opening Day Pack: 4/13 (OD), 4/30, 5/29, 9/26
2. Fish Pack: 4/14, 5/28, 6/19 (Marlins), 9/25
3. Hanley Pack: 4/15, 5/5, 6/20 (Marlins), 8/27

4. Iron Horse Pack: 4/20 (NYY), 4/30, 5/14, 8/24
5. Pinstripe Pack: 4/21 (NYY), 5/15, 6/25, 8/25
6. Stadium Pack: 4/22 (NYY), 5/16, 6/26, 8/26

7. TGIF Pack: 5/4, 5/25, 9/7, 9/21
8. Saturday Special Pack: 5/5, 5/26, 9/8, 9/22
9. Sunday Best Pack: 5/6, 5/27, 9/9, 9/23

10: Patriots' Day Pack: 4/16 (PD), 5/10, 5/14, 9/13
11: DC Pack: 6/10 (Nats), 8/2, 5/11, 6/6
12: Capital Pack: 6/8 (Nats), 8/1, 5/13, 6/27

I'm guessing the two NL teams will be FLA and WAS, assuming they'll feel the Braves weekend will have a big enough draw. This is also a weird year in that there are only two September weekday home games that aren't against the Yanks. And only four April/May weekday series. In other words, there aren't a lot of "throwaway games." So to keep the Sox Pax thing consistent, they're gonna have to include more games in the summer months and more weekend games unless they want to start repeating games. I have tried to give the Pax similarly bland/cheesy names to the ones they've had in the past. You're always gonna have Opening Day, then two NL packs. Then three Yanks packs. Then a Friday, a Saturday, and a Sunday pack. And finally Patriots' Day and two other NL ones. Or maybe they'll do something completely different. We'll see. This should be the week they announce them, complete with this press release but with the relevant info changed. We already know Xmas at Fenway will be December 10th. (Back before the crazy improvements, they used to have people line up and get wristbands and open up more of the park. Lately it's been through online drawing only. I wonder if they'll go back to the old way since the major improvements are done. I'm guessing since everyone's now used to the drawing, they'll just continue doing it that way.)

I love how everywhere you go, you keep writing how the evil media kicked Tito out of town. You're delusional.

- Vlad

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