Friday, October 28, 2011

Scoreboard Through Game 6

Holy shit. An incredible game 6. I live-blogged the end of it (after watching Misery from 8 to 10) so if you want to view it through the eyes of Jere, scroll down or click here. As for our contest, 19 runs were added tonight. The top three going in got one run each, but the biggest move came from Amber, who cashed in on the 5 runs the Cards got in the 9th, 10th, and 11th. So she moves into a second-place tie with Ryan with 6, both one back of tim and Liam with 7. Four of you have 4. One game left! The full board through 6:

1: Ruben--RSN Alberta 2
2: Rich G 1
3: Section 36 1
4: Allan--Joy of Sox 4
5: Ryan 6
6: heybluu 4
7: redsoxfandave 4
8: Charlie 2
9 (and extras): Mom 4

1: Brendan 3
2: Kara 2
3: Bosox Fan in Wichita 0
4: Liam, Summa Contra 7
5: Andy 3
6: tim 7
7: Patrick 3
8: Omnipotent Q 2
9 (and extras): Amber 6

Totally off the subject of your contest, but why the fuck is everyone patting Joe Buck on the back for his walkoff call last night?! "We'll see you...tomorrow night!" He said practically the same exact thing after Ortiz's 2004 ALCS game 4 walkoff- "We'll see you later tonight!" God, I hate Joe Buck.
How can you rip off your own Dad TWICE on national television?!
People are easily swayed.

It's also funny how he did the pause--classic Buck to start saying the call too early. Sometimes he gets burned, sometimes he doesn't, but he always sounds stupid to me. What does Joe Buck say when his wife sneezes? "You," because he's already said the "bless" pre-sneeze. Orsillo does it too.

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