Thursday, October 27, 2011

Live Contest Action--AKA Live Blog Of One Of The Best WS Games Ever

12:40: Over! Leadoff dong for Freese. I love that that drughead Hamilton had to watch it sail over him. Cards win 10-9. We go to Game 7! They tore the jersey off Freese's back!

12:35: Rangers leave a man on. We go to the bottom of the 11th, 9 to 9. And in case you were wondering, yes, this is the all-time record for hand-facers. They even did a split-screen--pitcher on one side, hand-facer on the other!

12:25: Groundout to Beltre to end the 10th. We go the 11th! As for the contest, Amber has put up 4 extra inning runs to go to 5, two behind the leaders. If the Cards win, she's guaranteed to be 1 run behind at worst with one game left (though she might not get to bat). Also note, Verizon Providence missed the first three pitches of the bottom of the 10th. Unbelievable.

12:22: Rangers one strike away AGAIN.....and a flair hit to center! Tied again!!!!!! This baseball season is so historically fucked up, what the fuck am I seeing least we're getting a boatload of fun here after the shitty September. 9-9! And the winning run is on third!

12:19: Theriot grounds out, run scores, guy at second holds there. 9-8 Texas. Pujols up with first base open. Looks like it'll be up to Berkman with Texas one out away again.

12:14: So they use a pitcher to sac bunt, and he bunts it in the air but past the third baseman and pitcher! But the shortstop still has time to make the play, throwing to the second baseman covering first, who has to stretch and make a scoop! What a play, that could have been a disaster for Texas. Anyway, tying runs on second and third.

12:10: Cards get leadoff man on! Tying run up in Jon Jay. And he bloops one into left! Two on, no outs, down 2!

12:02 AM: Wowsers, Penny. After one is out in the top of the 10th, the Rangers get a single, and Josh Hamilton comes up and hits a 2-run bomb. What a game. Texas up by 2 all over again. We go bottom 10. (My mom picked up those 2 runs, bringing her to 4, 3 shy of the leaders.)

11:55: And they get the next guy out. EXTRA INNINGS! So Amber picks up 2, and as I said, any extra inning runs go to my mom (Tex) and Amber (STL). So one of them could still get a win, OR, the series and the contest will go on!

11:54: Rangers one strike away...flied to right...over Cruz' head! Two runs score! Freese goes all the way to third and we're tied. Holy shit!!!!!! 7-7! Winning run at third!

11:50: Craig down looking. Rangers one out away. Tying runs on first and second. Mr. Freeze up.

11:48: Feliz walks Berkman on 4. Now 2-0 on Craig as the winning run!

11:44: Pujols with a double! Tying run up with one out.

11:43: One down. Pujols can't tie it here.

11:39: We go bottom 9, Cards down 7-5, Pujols up second in the inning. I love watching exciting baseball moments knowing that I'll be able to sleep soundly regardless of the outcome.

11:30: Wowww...Cards get a solo dong, then with 2 outs, load the bases, only to strand 3! So they're down 7-5 headed to the 9th. As for the contest, any runs left in this game will go to my mom or my real-life friend Amber.

11:14: No runs in top 8. Quinn and everybody else not named Liam or tim rooting for a lot of runs here in bottom 8. 7-4 Texas.

11:11: Patrick with a goose egg. So unless the Cards come up with 3, or there's a huge inning yet to come in the 8th or 9th, this contest ends in a tie.

11:00: Texas breaks out in the 7th with 3, starting with a Beltre dong. So they're up 7-4, 9 outs from winning the WS. The 3 runs went to former contest winner redsoxfandave--unfortunately he only had 1 going in. Crucial inning upcoming: Patrick is the nearest competitor to the lead who hasn't hit yet. He needs for to tie--if not, well, you're all rooting for STL to just keep this series alive. Except for tim and Liam, who are looking good for tying for the championship right now. (In that case, I will hold on to the ticket and let them know the number they're rooting for in the million dollar thing, and if they win, they get 500 grand each, minus applicable taxes.)

10:36: St. Louis scores to tie the game, and to allow tim to tie Liam! They also had bases loaded, one out with the run in, but Holliday got picked off third by the catcher (he also got picked off by Papelbon in a huge spot in the 2007 WS--I'm waiting for Buck & McCarver to bring that up). Now they're loaded the bases again with two outs in the 6th. If tim can get a run here he can lock this thing up tonight, as his nearest competitor has 3--but nope, they leave 'em loaded! So the game and our contest are tied! Gotta get the Cards to win this now and take it to a game 7.


10:18: Excitement brewing in our contest (and also the game). After no real threats to the lead in the first few innings, Allan moved up to 4 with a run in the fourth. In the bottom half, our co-leader Liam scored one to move to 7. In the fifth, Ryan kept pace with Liam, moving to 6 with a run. And as I type, tim--the former co-leader--has 2 on with one out in the bottom of the 6th, needing a run to tie Liam.

The bonus excitement is that the bottom-half people know that if they score, they're making it more likely that the series goes on, in this tight ballgame, with the Cards down one, and now the bases loaded, bottom 6th. So if you're a top-half person down by one, you may have to root for the person ahead of you to score, to give you a chance to stay alive.


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