Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OWS=Our World Series

1: Ruben--RSN Alberta
2: Rich G
3: Section 36
4: Allan--Joy of Sox
5: Ryan
6: heybluu
7: redsoxfandave
8: Charlie
9: Mom

1: Brendan
2: Kara
3: Bosox Fan in Wichita
4: Liam, Summa Contra
5: Andy
6: tim
7: Patrick
8: Omnipotent Q
9: Amber

Two spots still open. Comment if you want one, any time up until Game One starts tonight. Rules are here if you missed it. [Last second update--filled in those last 2 spots with 2 pals. Good luck everybody.]

Liam on the board first. Ryan quickly ties him for the lead.
tim jumps into third place with a run in the Cards 6th
Through Game 1:

Liam 2
Ryan 2
tim 1
15 tied with 0

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