Thursday, October 13, 2011

World Series Contest

We'll do it the composite linescore way. You pick a league and an inning. Whoever picks the league/inning with the most runs for the whole series wins. (Ninth inning gets runs scored in ALL extra innings for that league, but remember, that half-inning might not be necessary in some games.)

So your entry should look more like this: "AL 6" or "NL 2" and less like this: "monkey butts! monkey butts! my hair is on fire!" Put your pick in comments--make sure you don't take something that's already been picked.

Again, this is for the World Series, which starts in 6 days. I figure get a jump on it now so we have a better chance at getting a full 18 contestants. Prize(s): Don't know yet. Will announce later. Good luck/skill!

NL 4
AL 7
AL 4
NL 6
Charlie here.
AL 8
Mom here.

AL 9
AL 2
AL 1
AL 6
NL 8
Am I too late? If not, I'll go NL 2. Thanks!
Wow, I was doing the new post about this at the moment you entered. You're in!

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