Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bottom Eleven A-Live (& No-Hit Attempt)

5:52: Liner to right, base hit. Booooo. End of no-hit attempt.

5:50: Called strike three! The guy's 4 outs away.

5:49: Line SHOT to second, caught. No-hitter for 7.1. (He's up 7-0 by the way.)

5:38: No-hitter thru 7 for the A's guy.

5:33: Idiots at MLBN breaks into game to show 1st out of 7th in no-hitter, while the potential last pitch of this game was thrown. And--who cares, it's over, cheating Yanks LOSE! We gotta win tonight now to go 1.5 back. 7:07 @ Toronto. Moscoso no-hitter thru 6.2 now....

5:31: Ump's been giving the Yanks every pitch on the corners. O's don't swing--auto-strike. Now this pitch hits the inside corner on Granderson, he calls it a ball, would have ended the game. Now the fucker singles to right. Tying run on 3rd, 2 out.

5:28: nonChAlaNt...O up. This field is soaked. The infield is mud. Fly out CF. One damn out away.

5:25: 0-2 on Teix. Also, the A's pitcher has a no-hitter in the 7th in their game. 2-2 now to Assface--line out to right. One away.

5:22: And the O's asshole walks the first fucking guy.

5:20: Orioles finally get a run, they lead 5-4 going bottom 11th in The Bronx. On MLBN. (Of course it's the YES feed--does NESN or MLBN or anybody else know that the Yanks' opponents also broadcast these games?)

And even after all that "awesome" live updating the sox still are 2.5 GB. "nonChAlaNt...O", interesting.

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