Sunday, July 31, 2011

Outlook So Good

July's over, tough guy, so let's see how I did on the pre-season predictions. I got one series exactly right, the sweep of the Mariners. All the other ones I was off by exactly one game. My predicted July record was 19-7. Turns out the Red Sox went 20-6, the best July we've ever had. My overall record at this point is 71-37. Real record: 66-40. Running hot by 4 games. The bad early start cost me, but my total record of 102-60 is looking very good. According to my predictions, we're in for a 17-11 August, starting with a sweep of the Indians.

Now for a vid I shot at the Staten Island Yankees game Saturday night. I'll post pictures later.

After uploading that, I noticed the video that I took of the crying kid on NESN got 100,000 views. It was on Huffington Post! That's cool that my uploading it right away meant that my video (as opposed to a million others showing the same thing--many recorded NOT by pointing the camera at the TV as I did) was the one that got all the hits, but it still stinks that nobody ever gives the uploader credit. They just say, Here's the video. Then they go "hat-tipping" the person that "found" the video, meanwhile, if it wasn't for the uploader (me), they'd have no video to show! [Important note: In this particular case, I'm not pissed about it because I just filmed my TV--it wasn't my content to begin with. But it's still the principle of the thing. People do the same thing for videos that actually ARE my own content. And even in this case where it wasn't mine, I still should get more credit for putting the damn thing up than a person who then watched the vid and told people about it, right? I mean, neither of us did anything creative, but I brought the thing into this world, and I can take it out. It's like Malkovich in In the Line of Fire: "You are alive because I have allowed you to live." But, also, in this case, if I took mine down, people would have simply linked to the many other versions of the exact same thing. Anyway, whenever you link to or embed a video, please credit the person who originally posted it. If you choose not to because you feel that person really didn't do anything except post another person's work, fine, but then don't go hat-tipping the person that told you about it, because they did even less than the original uploader. And another thing! You might say, Well you didn't give credit to NESN when you posted it! First of all, it shows their logo right on the screen. Second, there's no way anyone would think this was something I filmed with my own camera, and then had professional announcers come in and provide commentary.]

[Also, I just noticed that I had put "Amy Winehouse" in the tags for that Beckett video for extra hits. Turns out I didn't need her!]

Also, Bedard. Guess he just needs to stay healthy. The last guy we had named Erik with a K, I really liked. Looks like he was the ONLY other one. (Erik Hanson) Wait, now I see we only had him for ONE year. I feel like he was a fave of mine for a long time, but I guess not. Maybe it was just another case of me liking a guy then being mad we let him go, and harping on it for a while.

But anyway, I used to have a neighbor who looked like a bird. He was known as Birdy Bedard. Remember that kid?
Don't you know that everything on the internet is free?
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