Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 Month-By-Month Outlook: July

In the spirit of "not milking this into a week's worth of blog posts," I'm gonna keep spitting these things out whenever I feel like doing a new one. So here's July:

Take 2 of 3 in Houston. Back home for a 3-game sweep against the Jays, then take 3 of 4 from the Os as we head to the break. Sweep 3 in Tamper, then lose 2 of 3 in Balty, because we wanna see the Os have some kind of success at some point. Back home to sweep the Mariners, then we take 3 of 4 from KC. Then we lose 2 of 3 at Chicago to close out July with a 19-7 month. 71-37 as we head to the prov. canine days of August.

Was funny watching Tito and Bard golfing live in Fort Myers tonight on NESN. Baseball's a comin', emmer effers....


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