Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Recapping

Back to my pre-season month-by-month predictions: Okay, I effed up June. Had the winning and the losing in the wrong places. Yet when I looked at the total June record compared to my predicted record for the month, they were the same! So despite a "bad" June, I actually nailed the overall record, at 16-9.

So far in July, I've been one game off in each of the series, but again, overall I'm close, predicting 8-2 pre-break, with the real record being 9-1.

At this point I thought we'd be 60-32. Actual record: 55-35. Four games off. Just goes to show you how great we've been playing, because had we gone even a modest 7-5 to start the season instead of 2-10, we'd be doing better than my 60-32 prediction, which is .652 baseball.


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