Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Old Posts

There's been some activity on two of my old posts.

1. 3/6/11: Guess the city. Lots of guesses, most by the greatest Paw Sox blogger of all time, but still no one has guessed it! Feel free to give it a shot.

2. 1/21/08: Did Yaz Hit the Roof? Check the comments there. A person called leftygolf1957 has been adding insight to the mystery.

Sox vs. Beelzebub Raymonds, 7:10.

Just so you new people know--the reason I still use "Devil" or a reasonable facsimile of it when describing the team who dropped that word from their name is the fact that they were so stupid about it. They said they'd fine people a dollar for using what had been the coolest part of their name. As soon as I heard that, I knew I'd never stop saying "devil." If they had just changed it, I still would have been pissed, but I would have just called them the Rays.
The hat in the picture and the fact that Missouri is apparently nearby makes me want to say Indiana, but the other stuff doesn't really make sense. I will guess Indianapolis, IN.
You nailed it!

Ad appears on the Pacers site here.
And now that I look at it again, maybe they're implying that INDY is in the middle, and palm trees and oranges are to the east, while cacti and casinos are out west? And you can "get there fast," meaning to Indy, from anywhere? But then why's that cowboy hat there? And the peach? I did see peaches for sale when I went through Texas.... I don't know.
The hat I took as Indiana Jones's. There are casinos in Indiana down on the Ohio River. "Get there fast" could refer to the Indy 500 and the general auto racing traditions of Indianapolis. The fruits, the cactus and the palms however, leave me mystified.
How I hate you, Mister baseball.

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