Sunday, March 06, 2011

Guess The City

I came across this ad for a city. I've blocked out the name of the place. See if you can guess it. (It's a North American city.)

We've got some apples (peaches?), some casino chips, some oranges, a hat, and palm trees. Put your answers in the comments section.

Also, check this out. Every time you upload a picture to Blogger, it tells you how much of your allotted photo space you've used up. After 7 years of uploading, I finally reached the 90% mark, and I was getting a little nervous. I had a decision to make about how I was going to show you pictures once I ran out of space. Well, I can put that decision on hold for a while, as Blogger is now telling me I've only used 65% of my space. So they changed something...and I'm reaping all the benefits.....

Sox @ Mets, 1:10 p.m., NESN.


Ooh some guesses!

Wrong and wrong.
Baton Rouge?

THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. There's a cactus in there, too. Cactus and palm trees? Oranges and a cowboy hat?

Why not a lighthouse while they're at it????
Yeah it's unbelievable. Not Baton Rouge.

If anyone (you) gets a neighboring state or the correct state, I will say so. Or province.
Sausalito, CA

Or Needles, CA
San Antonio?

Carlsbad, CA??
Nah. It's up and to the right.
Reno? Lake... That vacation lake with the watersports on the border.

TAHOE!!!! Is it Reno or Lake Tahoe?

Wild guess: Vancouver, because it could be anywhere.
Nope. You gotta go way outside the box here because it makes even less sense than is possible.

(I was just looking at a map of Central Falls when you commented, weird.)
Is it Branson, Missouri?

If it isn't, then have a heart and give me a hint.
You ALMOST picked a neighboring state.
You're going the wrong way.
Boise or twin falls, Idaho

Billings, MT
Still going the wrong way--Missouri was the closest you got.
Nope. Missouri's closer. Most of Missouri.
Mystery solved! Someone got it. He answered in the comments of this post.

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