Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Donation Updation

Original post here.

Got a letter from the Red Sox Foundation today, apologizing for sending me the wrong info in the first letter. So I never really gave Japan $100, only the $10 I thought I was giving. So now I enter Phase III, Guilt (over the fact that I'd decided that had they taken $100 from my account, I was just gonna let it go). I will take solace in the fact that the emotional roller coaster the foundation has decided I'm tall enough to ride is nothing compared to losing your house in an earthquake.

Buchholz/Britton, a few hours. (Hey, if you add the Z for Britton's first name, you've got Buchholz/Britton,Z. So they each have a B, then a consonant/vowel combo, then a double consonant, then an O, then another consonant, then a Z. So look for an even matchup tonight. That we win.)


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