Sunday, April 17, 2011

One-Game Winning Streak

Went to the (collllld) game with Kim today. And for the first time in years, I wasn't packin' lens! So no pics, but a nice win. Even though I was complaining in the ninth that we must have had 20 baserunners in the game, yet we're still only up three and our closer is necessary. Before Kim told me to shut up and enjoy the win, as they are quite rare thus far in '11.

Got home to find a thank you note from the Red Sox Foundation (who are either unaware that the Red Sox altered their logo or are using stationery from 3 or more seasons ago). They thanked me for my hundred dollar donation to the Japan earthquake relief fund. Only problem is, I thought I donated ten dollars. So...if it's not a mistake and they took 100 of my dollars, what do I do? Just be glad that Japan has 90 more dollars? If I tell them I want my 90 bucks back, will they have someone go up to a Japanese person who just got a new house after the tsunami and demand 90 dollars? I don't want that. Maybe I'll just never check into the matter. If it was ten, fine, if it was 100, fine...honestly, I don't even remember if I used Paypal or a credit card or what. But I will write back to the Foundation and demand they update the team logo on their stationery. That's it! I'll say, "change it or give me $90."

Funny moment in section 43 today: Between innings, they've been doing a lot of "fans in the stands" shots (possibly inspired by the Celtics games--some fans seem to go there solely for the purpose of trying to dance their way on to the scoreboard). Today during one of those, they cut to a guy and a girl, and the guy surprises the girl by getting on one knee and proposing. (Usually I assume stuff like that is fake but this one seemed fairly real.) Anyway, the woman on the other side of Kim starts yelling "that's my cousin!" She was going nuts! She had no idea her cousin Crystal was even at the game, let alone getting proposed to. She ended up calling another relative and just continuing to go crazy about this, almost as if she herself had gotten the surprise proposal.
If I ever get engaged, I'm cheesy enough to be okay with that proposal.

It looked so cold! Kudos to you for sticking it out. And Kudos to you for your... generosity! :) You should at least check your statements to try to find the donation.
Happy Lester day!

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