Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ad Wizards

At the Cincinnati Reds' marketing department:

Okay, people, let's hear those ideas for the new slogan. Bob?

I've been holed up all winter, and after months of constant brainstorming, I've come up with this: "Get Your Reds On."

Very good, Bob. I've never heard that one before. It's almost too good. I'm already thinkin' that's our winner. But let's see what everyone else came up with, just in case. Julie?

Also "Get Your Reds On."



Ed, anything?

"Get Your..."

Besides Get Your Reds On?

Well...that was my biggie, but I did have one other idea.... You guys ever hear of Red Sox Nation?

(all) Yeah.

And Yankees Universe?

(all) Sure.

And Cardinals Nation? And Twins Territory? And Birdland? And DodgerTown? And NatsTown?

Where you goin' with this, Stevens?

Well, hear me out...what if we were to take the Reds, and put a location after it?

Just... just like those other ones!



I present you with: Reds Country.

(all faint)


So there ya go. I've added it to the list of new slogans. You'll also see the Rangers have taken a big step into...2002.


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