Friday, March 04, 2011

It's Time For Dodger Baseball

New slogan! The Dodgers have gone away from "DodgerTown" and/or "This is My Town" and have informed us that it is indeed time for Dodger Baseball. Interesting how they chose the singular form of Dodger. I feel like the singular form is how people refer to something if they don't like it. But I'm sure they did it for better flow.

It's now added to the big board. Of slogans. For 2011.

Not much else new--the Jays moved that "Hustle + Heart 2.0" from the sidebar to the top, making it official, in my mind. And the Mets classed up their background.

Red Sox vs. Yanks ON TV tonight!

Hello Jere, I am sure this comes from the way Vin Scully opens every Dodgers game on TV. It is his signature call. The team got smart and is using that instead of a gimmicky, made up catch phrase.
Oh, that's cool. Thanks!

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