Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Red Sox, when you sign Lenny DiNardo, you should be putting his name on top, not buried way down in the press release. People love Lenny!

Speaking of old Red Sox pitchers who like music or whatever, Bronson Arroyo's playing around here tomorrow night.

And as you know by now in a world where people know stuff really soon after it happens, the Red Sox are "close" to getting Bobby Jenks for the 'pen. I searched my own blog to see any mentions I may have made about the guy in the past. There was one. From 2005. I was trying to be funny in that post, as its title suggests, and I think I succeeded. (You know, as Morgan Burkhart jokes go.)

Ooh, Charlie Brown Xmas starting. Gotta go, obviously...

I agree with you about Lenny Di, Jere. He's got a World Series ring from 2004, so it should be more than just a passing thought.

I also dropped everything and watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" tonight. Have it DVR'd, but if it's on again live, I don't miss it.
You are not the one who has to endure his Pawtucket starts all season. I am not at all happy about DiNardo's return.

That being said, he seems like a nice guy. I've never seen anyone sign more autographs at spring training than he did. Not even Kapler.

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