Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hitting Men O' Paws

Is it bad that I'm trying to figure out if Hurricane Earl can somehow cause the Red Sox to make the playoffs?

Tonight I was at the PawSox game so I missed the Balty Shitshow. I see Scutaro still isn't Gonzalez. Since that great Friday, we've lost every game, the Yanks have won every game, and the Rays have won all but one. Terrible. If it's any consolation*...the PawSox won! If I heard correctly, tomorrow they try to tie a team record with their 9th consecutive win.

Nice job by Quinn in our contest predicting Lowrie would score the last run of the month. He should get some sort of bonus for that run coming on a home run. The September version of the contest will be more fun--more player options, more time, and a sooner deadline for extra drama.

*it's not, come on, people


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