Sunday, August 29, 2010


Haven't had a c0ntest in a while! Okay, this one's called "Last Run of the Month." Tell me which Red Sox player will score the last run of August. It has to be before midnight eastern on the 31st. Post your guess in comments, deadline is 7:05 Tuesday night. (Also note that the last run of August may have already been scored--do what you will with that info.) W1nner gets one t1cket to next Sunday's game which may feature Manny in a White Sox uniform. (If you win, please contact me with your address as soon as possible so I have time to send your prize out on Wednesday.) [Hey--if you can't go to that game, just enter anyway! Don't worry about it.]

Also, new Randomonium episiode:

I'll go with Victor Martinez. Can't make next sunday's game so am just going for the glory of winning and having my prize passed on to someone else :-)
That's the attitude!
Beltre, for Aug last hit, I cant make it to game either. Pass on the prize.
Jed Lowrie.
Since Beltre was already chosen for the last hit, is he available for the last run?

Nah, I'll take McDonald.

(I hadn't even noticed...)
I go with JD Drew
Darn, I wanted Drew :)

Okay, I'll go with Kevin Cash. Since the Sox have almost no chance of making the playoffs, I might as well go with a guy who has almost no chance of getting on base, never mind actually scoring a run.
Did I say "almost no chance"? Guess I can get rid of the "almost".
Q nails it with Lowrie!

I take it he can't go Sunday since he lives in NYC...

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