Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The ZaBruner Film

Kim was going through her old ticket stubs and mentioned she'd been at Fenway on May 9th, 2004. I love that my blog acts as a diary, and I can go back to any date in the last six years and see what I was doing. I checked for 5/9/04, and was not at that game.

BUT....I noticed a post I did around that time about Tom Brunansky's famous 1990 division-clinching catch, which will always be one of my favorite moments in Red Sox history. I had noted that I read about a guy named Mike Donovan who filmed the play from the stands, getting definitive proof that Bruno really did catch the ball, and that I couldn't find anything else about this video that was never circulated after its one showing on the news.

Well, I just now searched "Mike Donovan Brunansky," and what popped up, but a YouTube video from January 2010 showing the old news broadcast with the super-secret angle! The sports guy even says how this angle may become the "benchmark video for years to come"! From what I can tell, this is a 20-year old mystery finally--officially--solved. And I guess it was true: somebody made the call not to ever show this angle again, leaving us all to wonder. But now it's been uncovered. (It's a bit grainy in YouTube form, but it certainly looks like a catch, and the anchor has no doubt either. It's also cool to see how the ump gets leveled, and Ozzie Guillen, who hit the ball, starts to go nuts, as does our first baseman Carlos Quintanta.)

[Note: I just checked the links to the video and I see a few places linked it, but it only has 348 views, so it's not like this was huge news. But it should be, and I'm happy to help it along. Oh, and the person who uploaded it: Mike Donovan himself! Makes sense--what are the odds anybody else was taping the news that night AND kept it all these years. I only know one other person who would do something that weird....]


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