Monday, May 10, 2004

Magic Moments At Fenway

Not tonight, of course, as Lou Merloni and the Tribe beat the Sox. But I never did get to write about my "magic moments" from my last Fenway trip. So here goes.

April 28th vs. Tampa Bay. Manny at the plate. I see a star in the sky (which really was a planet, as you can't see stars at Fenway Park, what with the bright lights). So I say, "I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish Manny hits a dong." Then I say to the star-wishing gods, "Sorry for the incorrect wording." Manny proceeds to hit what would've been an HR Puf'n'stuf in any other park, but it slammed into the Monster for a two-baggger. I'll take that, I thought. Then Jason comes up, and I say to Pat, "Can you wish more than once on the first "star" as long as another has yet to appear?" He says, "I don't know, but I'd wish again." So I silently wish for Jason to equal Manny, and he hits one that almost reaches us in row 31 of the bleachers.

Then between innings, the scorebard says, "Fenway Magic Moments." So I say to Pat, "I better see the Brunansky catch." Well, not only do I see it, but the whole "segment" is dedicated to that game, culminating with the catch and the pandemonium.

I had just read how a guy named Mike Donovan videotaped the catch, and it was shown on the news once, but then everyone criticized him for having a camera at the game, and the tape was never circulated widely--so the media can keep mystery in the catch, which supposedly may not have been a catch at all. So I did some research, but couldn't find anything else about this tape. But I found a woman on line who was at the game. She recalled for me her memories of that game, but said she didn't have an angle on the Bruno play.

So getting back to a few weeks ago--after the segment finishes on the scoreboard, the guy next to us says, "I was here for that game!" I enthusiastically ask, "So did he catch it??" "Yeah, he says, "I was right here in the bleachers, had a perfect view!"

So I now I am convinced. Bruno caught that ball.

Sorry to my mom & dad, who saw the Sox lose tonight with tickets I gave them.


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