Saturday, February 06, 2010

Grid Released! (Updating During Game)

More Final Update, 10:34 PM: Check out this live cam of Bourbon Street.

Final Update, 2/7/10, 9:54 PM: What's more incredible, that we just witnessed the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, or that two of the four winning squares were in those final eight empty ones that I used for me and my dad, and a third was my mom's? Dad nails the final, 31-17, with his 1-7 combo. So the four packs of '89 Fleer go to him, two go to myself, one goes to my mom, who was boycotting the game because of CBS' shitty anti-woman agenda, and one goes to Ryan M. As for my prediction for the game--I said 41-28 Saints as documented several posts ago, and it was 31-17 Saints. I give myself a B+. Was that moment when the dude intercepted Duh and ran it back all the way one of the most beautiful moments in sports history or what? It'll be a hell of a Mardis Gras this year.

End 3rd: Saints go up 13-10, Colts go up 17-13, and Saints close it to 17-16. And who has Colts 7, Saints 6? My mom!

Halftime update: Ryan wins Quarter 1 with his 0-0, as it was 10-0 Colts.

Then the Saints get two field goals, giving ME the win with my 0 and 6, at 10-6 Colts. Cerdo was in position but the Saints got the late FG. (Maybe I'll split the prize with him, heh heh.) And now the Saints get the onsides kick to start the second half! Sweeeet.....

If you entered the Super Bowl contest, you now know what numbers you're rooting for. Click to enlarge:

We got almost 25 people, so I gave each of you the two squares you chose, and two bonus squares. I did your "signatures" for the ones you chose, then just scrawled it out for your others. There were eight squares left which I divided between me and my dad.

If you entered but are still confused, find yourself on the grid (each square you have is an individual entry in the contest). If you have Colts 8, Saints 1, just root for those to be the last digit of the teams' scores at the end of each quarter. So if the Saints are up 41-28 (or down 38-21, or anything that ends with those numbers) at the end of a quarter, you win that quarter's prize.

For documentation of the numbers being drawn, watch this grainy video.

my mom, who was boycotting the game because of CBS' shitty anti-woman agenda

I boycotted the game because it was football.

Though the "CBS are shitheads" reason is good, too.
But look at this, you had something else to root for (the squares) with a baseball-related prize (the cards) right here at ARSFFPT! Oh well, I tried.
Granted, there's nothing that could be done to make me watch a soccer game, so I see where you're comin' from.
I guess I should have entered the contest. Though then all I would be curious about is the final score, not who the teams were or who won. I don't think I even knew the Saints were in it until I read your post last night.

For me, Super Bowl = spring training is sooooooooo close. So that's good.
Great game, I gave the Saints no chance but they proved me wrong.

The final score (total) didn't have as much scoring as a lot of people thought, but it was still a great game.

Glad the refs didn't get involved too much.

On to baseball now. Thanks for letting me play.

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