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Super Bowl Squares: Take A Shot At Fuck Face!

[Post with the grid and stuff now up here. Contest no longer]

[Originally posted 1/18/10 at 9:21 AM. Bumped to top. See comments for available squares.]
It's almost time for the Gamblers' Big Day, aka the Supe. For this year's Super Bowl contest, we'll do the classic 10 x 10 grid (FREE to play, this is all nice and legal). In comments, leave a letter between A and J and a number between 0 and 9 and that will be your spot in the grid. Once it's filled up and the teams are set, I will draw numbers at random to go along the top and side, and those are the numbers you'll be rooting for. But I'll give everybody two squares each, so we only need 50 people. So your entry should look something like this:

"Jere, you are awesome and my squares are A-3 and J-6"

We've got three weeks so hopefully we can fill the 100 squares. (If two people pick the same thing before I publish their comments, the first person gets what they asked for, and the second gets moved one square over.)

PRIZES: I recently bought a wax box of 1989 Fleer baseball cards. You know what that means: A chance at the Billy Ripken "fuck face" card! All winners will receive unopened packs, possibly containing a "fuck face." 1st Quarter winner: 1 pack. Halftime winner: 2 packs. 3rd Quarter winner: 1 pack. Final score (score at end of game whether it goes overtime or not) winner: 3 packs. Note: If you do get the Billy Ripken card, I'd say there's a good chance the "fuck face" is blacked out in some way, but it's still cool.

(For people with no clue what I'm talking about: you will get a number for the AFC champ and one for the NFC champ. So if you have AFC 4, NFC 0, you're rooting for those to be the last digit in the score at the end of each quarter. If the AFC team is up 14-10 at the half, you win the halftime prize. And since you get two squares, you get two sets of numbers to root for. "Why not just pick the common scores like 0, 3, and 7?" Well that's why you pick your grid locations first and THEN I draw the numbers and place them alongside the grid. Still confused? Ask the guy at work who wears "baseball pants" at your softball games.)

Note to banned commentors: I was actually thinking of letting you play just to fill the grid, but then if you win and I send you something, you'd know my address. So, as usual, you're out! Actually, you'll probably send me your choices anyway, so feel free to monitor all this from behind your curtain and see if you WOULD have won. Fun!

I'll take J-2 and A-1.
Since there is so little else to root for in these football-type sports, involving the Rick Face will at least make it interesting. I'll take C-4 and H-7.
Jere, you sure are awesome and my squares are A-3 and J-6.
Jere, I bow obsequiously before your eminent greatness, and humbly request J-4 and H-9, if available. Sir.
I'll try E6-F6, please.
I'll take B1 and B2 if I may.

I love 1989 Fleer - I remember waiting for my friend to finish his music lesson at Ridgefield Music so we could go to a baseball card show at the Danbury Fair Mall and I went over to Woolworth's while waiting. They had just gotten a case of the error cards in - I bought a box and my friend bought a box and I think I ended up with 1 Ripken and he got 2. I remember feeling like I had struck gold when I saw those cards at Woolworths.
Ha, I remember that Woolworth's--in that plaza by Ridgefield Music and what later became HayDay Market. Them and Squash's were big baseball card spots in the post-Yesteryear's Collectibles era. Since my dad was a Topps purist, I wasn't allowed to get the other brands until right around that time--so I got some non-Topps in '89 but was fully into all brands by the time the 90 sets were coming out.

I did end up with a lot of 89s from the other brands but I think I was buying them in 90. Like, I discovered Score in 89 and then was going back and buying their inaugural 88 set at that card shop between 7-Eleven and Trash on Mill Plain Rd.

Point is, I never had the Fuck Face in any form I don't think. Though I bought an uncorrected one on ebay for my friend Brian's b-day recently.
H1 and E7 please
C-4 and H2 Oh please :-)
Jere, you are square and my awesomes are G-2 and B-3.
Hey Jere, A-9 and C-6. If I know your address then you'll know mine, nobody really wins there. And, honestly, what would I do with your address? I won't go hurt your cat or do anything threatening, unless I want to lose all that I've worked for in my life. Plus, the chances of me winning are pretty slim.
Jere you are the best! I'll take D8 and G5. Thanks!
Oh that's right, Daaa, you're supposed to protect and serve. So, uh, you can have the squares but there's no way I'm giving you a prize...this also gives everyone else bonus numbers to root against!

And if a 51st person wants to enter at the end I'm giving them your squares....
The best was when Stop and Shop had rack-packs from maybe 1981-1985.

For some reason, I remember Woolworths being more expensive than Squash's - they would hike up the price up cards for no reason. My other favorite place for getting cards was Ridgefield Pharmacy.
We bought the Red Sox yearbook at S&S! The year Rice was alone on the cover. I remember thinking, "FOUR dollars??" And right next door to S&S, Caldor also had rack packs. They also had that crazy pretzel area in the front on the front side of the registers. I also vividly remember their water fountains, too, which I'd drink from on the way out.

There was also a card shop down below street level right near DeeJays--which was my barber--I was never an Otto or Otto's 2 man.
I always went to Ottos and got bad haircuts from Phil the Scalper.

And I think Genovese was next door to S&S then the pizza place, then Caldors. I don't remember Genovese ever having cards though.
Right, Venice, Genovese, Caldor, and S&S made up that one long side of Copp's Hill Plaza, which much later shittily changed to "Kohl's Plaza." Poor Copp, whoever he was.

Remember that location, on the corner, how it was so many different stores--the first one I remember was "Pants And...". Right next to Blockbuster and before that Cinema Ridgefield (438-3338: $4 for adults, $2 for children, would say that guy on the answering machine.)
So my mom's computer hates and its commenting system, so I am posting this for her:

"Your awesome Mom would like B-6 and D-4.
We have 12 people out of 50 so far. Dan--you're in C-5 instead of C-4 since Ryan already had C-4.


A-1, A-3, A-9
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6,
C-4, C-5, C-6
D-4, D-8
E-6, E-7
G-2, G-5
H-1, H-2, H-7, H-9
J-2, J-4, J-6

Nobody's taking any 0 slots. It goes zero through nine. I feel like everyone who picked a 1 thinks they're all the way on the top, when really 0 is on the top. But I'm sure you'll all gladly accept the fact that it's all random and it doesn't matter where on the grid you are. This coming from the person who refused to eat his cookie if it was broken. Just ask my mom.
The worst was the restaurant next to Stop and Shop that would change every five minutes - I think it was a French restaurant at one point, I think it was called Pickles at another, there must have been six or seven variations. I think there was a discount bookseller on that side for a while near the pet store.
When I worked at Stop & Shop, Chan worked at Pickles--I think it became 33 1/3 after that. Sometimes I'd be getting carts in that very rarely visited back parking lot (remember the runway between S&S and Pickles that went back there?) and I'd come across Chan, tossing out trash in the Pickles dumpster. I was just becoming friends with Chan at that point.

My friend John McElroy--I think his mom and dad both worked at that bookstore along the side there, past Hallmark ("Jenny's" Hallmark?), and yes, near that Pet Store, and that Chinese restaurant.
EO and IO

(as in e eye e eye o)
I'll take A-4 and J-8, Jere. Thanks.
D-5 and J-5 please.
E5 (in honor of our improved defense, we shouldn't have many of these) and D0 (for Orsillo).
Jere, you are awesome even though you rooted against the Patriots for a really bad reason two years ago, and my squares are F-5 and G-3.

And shouldn't DYW be allowed to play, since you both were rooting for the same team in the Super Bowl two years ago? I keed, I keed...
Jere, D-1 and G-0 are fabulous, and I'll take you.
Wait, reverse that
Oh and, on the subject of woolworth's.
We have a famous Woolworth's here in Greensboro. (OK, I'm in Winston-Salem, but Greensboro is minutes away and part of the same population hub)
It was the site of one of the first sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement, in Feb. of 1960. 4 students from historically black NC A & T College sat at the lunch counter, where the chairs were for whites only. Blacks had to stand and eat. The sit-in grew over several days resulting in a huge public outcry and inspired he launching of numerous other sit-ins in other NC towns and then in neighboring states. It eventually drew the attention of national media and then Pres. Eisenhower. The Greensboro Woolworths desegregated it's lunch counter in July. Part of the counter is in the Smithsonian, and the building has just been made into a civil rights museum.
OK, history lesson over. Thought you'd appreciate it though

A-1, A-3, A-4, A-9
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6,
C-4, C-5, C-6
D-0, D-1, D-4, D-5, D-8
E-0, E-5, E-6, E-7
F-5, F-6
G-0, G-2, G-3, G-5
H-1, H-2, H-7, H-9
J-2, J-4, J-5, J-6, J-8

Thanks for that, Sosock.
I-8 and J-8, if they're still alive. Hello to you, Jere.
Jere, I noticed that J-8 was taken...hey, it's early. May I go with the aforementioned I-8 and the new B-8? Thanks. Pete
Okay--you've got I-8 and B-8 Peter.
J-2 & D-3 Thanks!
Okay you've got D-3, but J-2 is taken so you've got J-3 unless you tell me otherwise.

A-1, A-3, A-4, A-9
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-8
C-4, C-5, C-6
D-0, D-1, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-8
E-0, E-5, E-6, E-7, E-8
F-5, F-6
G-0, G-2, G-3, G-5
H-1, H-2, H-7, H-9
I-0, I-5, I-8
J-2, J-3, J-4, J-5, J-6, J-8
I'm not a football fan. My religion is the Red Sox but I'll play. I have no idea how this works. Here are my two picks but if they are taken or whatever you can put me down anywhere.

Works for me. Thanks for playing even when you don't know the rules! That's what I'd do.....
Jere, you are awesome and my squares are F-2 and I-7

A-1, A-3, A-4, A-9
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-6, B-8
C-4, C-5, C-6
D-0, D-1, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-8
E-0, E-5, E-6, E-7, E-8
F-2, F-5, F-6
G-0, G-2, G-3, G-5
H-1, H-2, H-7, H-9
I-0, I-4, I-5, I-7, I-8
J-2, J-3, J-4, J-5, J-6, J-8

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