Monday, January 04, 2010

Pete Rose In A Yankee Hat

I thought he only bet on his own team!

Actually, this is during the Reds' '76 victory parade, and I guess Rose is wearing the hat in conjunction with a thumbs-down to imply "I am anti- this team." But still, so weird to see Pete Rose in a Yankee hat.

(I found this because I just got the book Game Six, and saw a shot of Will McEnaney in there after the final out of the '75 series. Problem is, the background is clearly Yankee Stadium, meaning it was the last out of the following year's Reds sweep over the Yanks, as McEnaney got the last out each year. But it seems like an awesome book, so I'm sure that's the only mistake. And I'm sure it wasn't the author's fault.)

Pics from the Legends Classic starring Kiefer and Tim Robbins in the post below.

You know that William Shatner interview show, the one where the seats are situated like the Love Toilet? Tuesday at 10, Weird Al will be on there, followed by Gene Simmons. Awesome. Check your local listings.

And take a shot at the latest Kwiz.

The 11/6/78 issue of Sports Illustrated features an article speculating where Rose might sign as a free agent; it shows pictures of him wearing Angels, Phillies, Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, Rangers, Padres, and Royals caps. I think only the Phillies, Dodgers and Padres caps are real, the rest (particularly the Sox cap) look airbrushed:

It's amazing that I immediately remembered reading this article after seeing your post, when half the time I can't remember what I had for lunch. And Pete Rose may be the only ballplayer in my lifetime who was even more overrated than Derek Jeter.
I commented in this post a long while ago, but it never took. The 11/6/78 issue of Sports Illustrated had an article speculating about where Rose might sign as a free-agent, and included pictures of him trying on various teams' caps, including the Sox and Yanks. Both of those looked airbrushed though (photoshopped for you young folk):
(Pages 36 & 37 if the link doesn't take you there directly)
Wow, I don't know how I missed your first comment, but it was on my listed of unpublished comments, so I just posted it now.

Those look almost like his entire face is a painting!

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